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We are ratnaakar

Company Profile

  • We are in the business of building spaces worthy of dreams and trust. Homes and commercial spaces all over Ahmedabad built with innovation and integrity. Ratnaakar, a part of the Nishant Group has been in the business for over 3 decades. That’s the goodwill of over a thousand happy clients and partners residing across 3.7 million square feet area of residential and commercial spaces. People who now know they can trust us with their dreams.

    So right from the beginning of a project, till we handover the key, we assure you superior workmanship, timely delivery, and the highest form of professionalism. In high rise or low-rise, apartments or bungalows, we have earned our title of being a construction giant with a niche in high-end luxury homes and commercial spaces. We work together with the right partners so you can trust us to create spaces that inspire you to lead a better life.

  • Our Brand Story

    Not all foundations are made of brick and mortar. Some are built on decades of toil, transparency and trust.
    Ratnaakar stands on a foundation that has gone on to build hotels, integrated communities, beautiful apartments, and commercial centres. A foundation that is bringing about a transformative change putting relationships at the heart of everything.

    So pick a dream among thousands in Ahmedabad. Of a better home. A stronger business opportunity. A loving community. Of the right investment. A dream of a better life. Because with all the years of goodwill, equity, and trust that we have earned, you can trust us to give you the right space for you, no matter the dream.

    Trust. Is what we do.


    We understand that the first step towards building a relationship begins with faith. Which is why we strive to earn the trust of all our customers by offering them spaces that make for a better life. So take the first step with us. Towards your child’s irreplaceable childhood memories.

    Towards the perfect space to dream your business goals. The first step to a better investment. Towards hope, success, and a better life. We continue to get inspiration from the little big things Ratnaakar stands for. For you to take the first step, without a second thought.

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