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Rosewood Estate

Jodhpur, Ahmedabad - 380015View on Map
2 & 3BHKs
200 Homes
3,27,600 sq.ft.
200 Happy Families
Completed: 2000
Project Status : Completed


It stands out, yet fits in. Rosewood Estate is an iconic indentation to the city’s skyline. A landmark building, that was always meant to be. Fitted with signature custom details such as a grand facade, a clubhouse, and a landscaped paved play area, it’s a residence that nests charm and sophistication within its four walls.

Luxury living in Ahmedabad takes on new meaning with 2 and 3 BHK homes across 5 multi-storey buildings that make it a sight worth gaping at. A property that encourages community living, sharing cups of tea, and celebrating festivals together, this is where Ahmedabad comes home proud.


Foyers that translate to grandeur, well treated facades, and a clubhouse for every activity, Rosewood Estate is everything you need. 

Children's play area
Club House
Gazebos and pleasant sit-outs
Manicured lawns
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