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Ratnaakar Halcyon

Opp. Ratnaakar Atelier, Near Prernatirth Derasar Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380015View on Map
3BHKs and 4BHKs
96 homes and 38 shops
244,840 sq.ft.
96 Happy Families
Project Status : Ongoing


A house that is full of life. And a life that is full of time. When every step outward is a step closer to prosperity and every step inward is a step closer to serenity, it’s when you live a harmony between peace and energy. It's when you live in a home. It’s when you live in Ratnaakar Halcyon: a set of stylish 3BHK homes crafted with word class amenities in a well-connected locality that bring in happiness for a lifetime. Experience a home built on energy and embrace a life nurtured by peace. 

Experience elegant homes in a quaint neighbourhood with lush landscaping tossed in with two floors dedicated to showrooms and retail spaces. You can have a truly fulfilling lifestyle and enjoy everything the city has to offer in your own home.


A top-of-the-line fitness centre, a club house with everything you can think of, a peaceful park, and a good-night's-sleep worthy security system, all surrounded by pristine green.

Elegantly designed homes

When you move into these luxurious homes, you move into your desires. All the space in our airy homes leads to a different universe revolving around serenity and you can have it all.

Sprawling lawns with a socialising space

A warm cup of tea, the innocent laughter of children playing and great companionship in a lovely natural setting. By combining two amenities, we create a serene experience that is exclusive to you, your kids and nature.

Well-equipped gym

Building a six pack is now as easy as opening your door because you have access to a top-of-the-line fitness centre that ensures you get your daily dose of energy at your convenience. 

Lush Landscaping

The trees will greet you. The wind will caress you. And the birds will keep you company. For every path you take, lush landscaping blankets the entire property in pristine green.

Clubhouse with contemporary facilities

A majestic clubhouse that offers ample recreational activities. It’s like the world’s most enjoyable sports tournament but between you and your kids. 

Ratnaakar legacy

The name comes with the promise of quality. And the assurance of trust.  A glance towards the changing skyline of Ahmedabad, and you will know why Ratnaakar stands for what it does.

Plans / Sitelayouts

Location and Accessibility

Located close to Satellite Road, S.G.Highway and Prahlad Nagar, the property is well-connected to the bustling parts of the city. A good combination of social infrastructure and entertainment options with dining hot spots exist within the locality. Overall, the presence of a quaint neighbourhood and lush landscaping around Ratnaakar Halcyon make living here extremely comfortable. 



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